The below measurements are of the body, not the garment.


Measure under your arms around the fullest part of your chest.


Measure around your natural waistline.


Measure around the fullest part of your body hip level.


Nobis Chest Waist Hips
XXS 29" - 30" 23"-24" 32" - 33"
XS 31" - 32" 25" - 26" 34" - 35"
S 33" - 34" 27" - 28" 36" - 38"
M 35" - 36" 29" - 30" 39" - 40"
L 37" - 38" 31" - 32" 41" -42"
XL 39" - 40" 33" - 34" 43" - 44"



Nobis Chest Waist Hips
XS 35" - 36" 29" - 30" 35" - 36"
S 37" - 38" 31" - 32" 37" - 38"
M 39" - 40" 33" - 34" 39" - 40"
L 41" - 42" 35" - 36" 41" - 42"
XL 43" - 44" 37" - 38" 43" - 44"
XXL 45" - 46" 39" - 40" 45" - 46"



The Relaxed fit from Nobis is designed for those who want a relaxed and roomy feel in their outerwear. It offers a generous silhouette that provides extra space throughout the body and sleeves. This fit is perfect for layering over chunky sweaters or other clothing items during colder months. The Loose fit gives you that trendy, urban look while ensuring optimal comfort. If you prefer a more loose and casual style, the Relaxed fit is the way to go.


The Regular fit by Nobis is the perfect balance between comfort and style. It's designed to offer a classic silhouette that fits comfortably without being too loose or too snug. With enough room to move freely, the Regular fit is versatile and suitable for a wide range of body types and layering options. Whether you're looking for an everyday jacket or a functional piece that adapts to various weather conditions, the Regular fit is a reliable choice that never goes out of style.


For those who prefer a more tailored look. This fit is designed to hug the body more closely, creating a sleek and modern appearance. It's ideal for individuals who want to showcase their figure while still enjoying the benefits of functional and weather-resistant outerwear. The Tailored Fit is perfect for urban adventurers who want to stay stylish even in challenging weather conditions. Keep in mind that the Slim fit might be best suited for those who prefer a more fitted style and are willing to layer with thinner clothing items.


When choosing the right fit for your Nobis outerwear, consider your personal style, comfort preferences, and how you plan to use the garment. If you enjoy a loose and roomy feel, the Relaxed fit is a great choice. If you want a versatile fit that accommodates various outfits and activities, the Regular fit is likely the way to go. And if you're after a sleek and slim look, the Tailored fit offers a contemporary silhouette.

Remember that personal preferences can vary, so it's always a good idea to try on different fits if possible or consult Nobis's size chart for more specific measurements. Whatever your choice, Nobis outerwear is designed to combine fashion with function, ensuring you stay stylish and comfortable in any weather.